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Watson 853
Sold as: Watson 853 (Hydrocodone/APAP 10-325)
ID: 6024
Sold as: Watson 853 (Hydrocodone/APAP 10-325)
Expected to be: Fentanyl or other substitutes
Lab comments:
Ratio is greater than 25:1 and the lab can't get more precise without a lot of work because of how acetaminophen shows up in their GC/MS. So, we've changed the ratio to 30:1 acetaminophen:hydrocodone and note that this is only accurate to plus or minus 10% in the ratio. This could easily be a commercial 10mg to 325mg tablet.
Oblong Watson 853 white tablet with break line on back.

Sender note: 'Doing this as a precaution since there are so many of these painkillers being made on the black market. I have legitimate back problems but my doctor has cut back drastically on my prescriptions since the gov't cracked down; looking for reliable backup source.'