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3F-a-PVP (3-Fluoro-a-PVP)
Sold as: 3F-A-PVP
ID: 6288
Sold as: 3F-A-PVP
Expected to be: 3F-A-PVP
Lab comments:
3-Fluoro-a-PVP or 4-Fluoro-a-PVP, lab is currently not able to differentiate the isomers.
Heat-sealed plastic pouch of tan powder.
The lab ran this sample a second time in an attempt to differentiate it. While 3-fluoro-a-PVP and 4-fluoro-a-PVP retention times are very, very close, this sample is closer to 4-fluoro-a-PVP. We are unable to be more certain than that with ring substituted substances such as these at this time.