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Kleeblatt (Shamrock; Clover)
Sold as: Ecstasy / MDMA
ID: 6353
Test Date: Jun 20, 2018
Pub. Date: Jun 22, 2018
Src Location: Bern, Switzerland
Submitter Loc: Bern, --
Color: White
Size: 244.5 mg, 8.30 x 8.30 x 4.6
Data Source: rave it safe
Tested by: DIB / DIB+
Lab's ID: SP:201806-23
Sold as: Ecstasy / MDMA
Expected to be: Not Specified
raveitsafe and SaferParty issued an information alert because this tablet contains a drug other than MDMA and could be mistaken for an ecstasy/molly tablet.