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Watson 540 (Vitamin Norco)
Sold as: Norco 10/325
ID: 6461
Sold as: Norco 10/325
Expected to be: Hydrocodone or Fentanyl and Acetaminophen
Lab comments:
No hydrocodone, oxycodone, or fentanyl detected.
Oblong brownish-yellow tablet with 'Watson 540' on one side, break line on reverse. (Two tablets sent in -- the lab will only analyze one tablet in such cases.)
Sender notes, 'Wanted to know how many mg acetaminophen cause several people got sick.'

The ratio of Acetaminophen to Tramadol in this tablet is 10:1. EcstasyData is not allowed to provide quantitative results for samples it analyzes. Our lab is constrained by rules set by the US DEA. (The European groups whose results we re-publish are not similarly constrained.)