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Sold as: Ecstasy
ID: 6514
Sold as: Ecstasy
Expected to be: Not Specified
Broken Heineken-label style tablet with faint white and blue speckles. 'Heinekn' (no letter e after the K) on one side, break line on reverse side.

Sender notes reagent reactions conducted before sending in sample: Marquis-none (after 15 min turned slightly brown/green); Mecke-black; Mandelin-dark green/brown; Simons-no reaction; Lieberman-bright dark blue.

Sender also notes: '[this style tablet] also seen in NYC. Experience was weird, upset our stomach, was sort of psychedelic...a little antisocial. Reminiscent of other experiences but different, everything I though it might be was ruled out with the [reagent] tests.'