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Escitalopram (20 / 11 | 37)
Sold as: Escitalopram generic substituted for Lepraxo
ID: 6633
Sold as: Escitalopram generic substituted for Lepraxo
Expected to be: Not Specified
Lab comments:
Lab procedure is unable to differentiate Citalopram isomers (Citalopram or Escitalopram) from each other.
Round white pharmaceutical tablet with '20' on one side and 11 | 37 (break line). Sourced at a standard prescription-based pharmacy in the US.
(Escitalopram is the generic name for Lexapro.)

Sender notes: 'Over a year ago I noticed my Escitalopram tablets appeared different and cheaper. I had severe headaches for a week. In my opinion it seems like a switch had occurred in the manufactory company and they left out an important substance in the generic drug.'

EcstasyData comment:

The chance of a generic being something other than the medication written on a prescription that was filled at a standard US pharmacy is vanishingly small. Consider speaking with your doctor about submitting an adverse reaction case report (FAERS Public Dashboard), and/or filling out the MedWatch Voluntary Reporting Form to report your reaction.