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Sold as: Oxycodone ER
ID: 6667
Sold as: Oxycodone ER
Expected to be: Oxycodone or fake press
Lab comments:
[Oct 10, 2018] After retesting sample multiple times, we confirm the result is Oxycodone and didn't see anything else. The color test still resulted in purple for Marquis.
Round yellow-orange tablet, no markings.
[Oct 10 2018] Update, result no longer marked as 'Uncertain' -- because the Marquis reaction was purple originally, we asked the lab to re-do the reagent tests, and re-analyze the sample, to confirm the identification of oxycodone.

The bottom reagent photo on the left shows the second round of reagent results, where the Marquis reaction is more distinct, and a Mecke reaction is discernible.

[Oct 7 2018] This sample is getting re-analyzed to confirm the identification please check back in 7-9 days.