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Methoxetamine (Pre-ban MXE; MXE Microcrystalline)
Sold as: MXE Microcrystalline
ID: 6812
Sold as: MXE Microcrystalline
Expected to be: Methoxetamine, possibly other RC dissos or ketamine
Capsule of white powder.
Sender sent comment with sample that it 'Passed initial reagents although they were old. Vendor claimed it had been tested in NL at 82-87% -- I think they meant the amount of MXE present in the sample, wanted to double check.'

Please see answer to the EcstasyData FAQ question, 'Can I get actual quantities of the substances in my sample?'. EcstasyData is not allowed to provide quantitative results (inactive diluents/cuts can not be reported even if they might be present).

MXE is the only active chemical present in this sample.