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  • Sold as: Xanax / Alprazolam
  • ID: 6974
Sample contains an unidentified chemical.
Sold as: Xanax / Alprazolam
Expected to be: Not Specified
The European drug checking group that analyzed this sample issued a warning because it contains a drug other than the one it was represented as.

See original Energy Control alert on fake alprazolam tablets and powder for more details.

*Republished from the Energy Control alert:

'This pill was received in our headquarters on 3/Dic/2018, delivered from United States. Another identical sample like this one was received in our National Drug Checking Service from Valencia (Spain) on 14/Jan/19.'

(This fake Xanax resembles two other fake Xanax tablets analyzed in Nov 2018 and Jan 2019 by SaferParty's drug checking program in Switzerland.)
Unidentifed Substances
This sample contains an unidentified chemical. The testing lab did not have a matching substance in their internal database and has not been able to confirm the subtance's identity.