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Crazy Colombian (Cocaine)
Sold as: Cocaine
ID: 7387
Sold as: Cocaine
Expected to be: RCs, Ketamine, Opiates, Baking Soda
Shiny white crystalline powder in clear bag.

Sender described home reagent tests: 'Tested with reagents and it came back all messed up...'.

(photo from Reddit thread republished below)
Jun 10, 2019 Update: The lab re-did the reagent tests (two photos with blank and color chart for comparison, below) with a new bottle of reagent to see if the result would change. The result looks similar to our original, only the Marquis reaction is a little darker. It is notable that our lab's reagent reactions are less strong than the photo from the submitter's own home Marquis test (below).

The 'blank' (handwritten 'Blk') comparison set just shows the base appearance of reagent drops alone, with no chemicals for the reagents to react to. This allows one to see the color of the reagent by itself, and how the Mandelin reagent is normally greenish-yellow without reacting to anything but air.
EcstasyData is not allowed to provide quantitative results for samples it analyzes, and inactive binders, coloring, diluents, and cuts (e.g. baking soda) can not be reported even if they might be present. This is because our lab is constrained by rules set by the US DEA that forbid any kind of quantitative reporting. The European groups whose results EcstasyData re-publishes are not similarly constrained.