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Sold as: Not Specified
ID: 7470
Sold as: Not Specified
Expected to be: Not Specified
White powder in clear baggie.

Sender reports that the reagent reactions prior to sending sample in were: 'Marquis - greyish blue; Mecke - orange, Mandelin - orange, Simons - no reaction, Froehde - bright blue'. They also comment: 'Unknown reactions on Marquis & Froehde.'

Samples #7468, #7469 and #7470 were received by the lab together in the same package.
Please do not send in 'ground scores' or any sample where you don't have any knowledge or expectation about the contents. It is not helpful to you or the public.

It is very important that people submitting samples to this testing program send in between 20 and 200mg of material. See how to send in a sample for testing.

Keep in mind that just enough to *half* fill a capsule is more than enough for several analyses. There is no advantage to sending more material, and samples that are too heavy may be delayed and may require additional payment to analyze.

Be kind, send less!