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Watson 853
Sold as: Percocet 10/325
ID: 7796
Sold as: Percocet 10/325
Expected to be: Not Specified
Lab comments:
Ratio of Acetaminophen >25.
Oblong white tablet with 'Watson 853' on one side, break line on reverse side. The ratio of acetaminophen to hydrocodone found in this tablet is consistent with the hydrocodone/acetaminophen ratio found in oblong white Watson 853 pharmaceutical tablets that look like this one.

Sender comments that tablets have 'minty taste' and were sold as 'Percocet 10/325' and they expect them to be 'Percocet 10/325'.
Percocet is a brand name of oxycodone/acetaminophen made by Endo. The Endo 10/325 Percocet tablet is yellow and oblong and has '10/325' on one side and 'PERCOCET' on the other side.

The generic oxycodone/acetaminophen tablet produced by Watson is round and has 'Watson 932' on it.