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Sold as: Dope
ID: 8095
Test Date: Feb 06, 2020
Pub. Date: Feb 06, 2020
Src Location: Chicago, IL
Submitter Loc: Chicago, IL
United States
Color: White
Size: 100 mg
Data Source: DrugsData
Tested by: DDL
Lab's ID: 202091200042
Sold as: Dope
Expected to be: Not Specified
Lab comments:
Tested multiple times.
White powder in Eppendorf vial.
Dec 24, 2019: A reference standard for Quinine was purchased and the sample re-analyzed. Quinine is confirmed.
Dec 18, 2019: This sample will be re-analyzed once a reference standard has been ordered and the lab receives it. (The identification of Quinine was not ambiguous; this re-testing is normal procedure for chemicals identified by library match for which the lab doesn't have a reference standard on site.)