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Fake Xanax
Sold as: Xanax / Alprazolam
ID: 8287
Sold as: Xanax / Alprazolam
Expected to be: Not Specified
The European drug checking group that analyzed this sample issued a warning because it contains a drug other than the one it was represented as.
Feb 25 2020: The Swiss drug checking initiative that originated the alert for this sample sent out a follow-up today, with additional detail about the reported substance mass. Consequently, DrugsData has updated the mass above to 2.1 mg Etizolam. The Etizolam was originally unquantified.

SaferParty/raveitsafe's *updated* alert is now showing (left), reflecting the 2.1 mg.

[From SaferParty/raveitsafe: 'Following consultation with the laboratory regarding the incorrectly declared Xanax tablet, there has been an adjustment to the warning from last Friday (February 21, 2020).']