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White Powder
Sold as: Sildenafil
ID: 8356
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GC/MS Graph
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Sold as: Sildenafil
Expected to be: No active ingredients
Lab comments:
No sildenafil detected.
White powder in baggie.

Sender comments: 'Sold as Sildenafil bulk powder. Reagent test came up accurate for two, but did not match for one. Subject testing did not produce results as expected. Thinking this product is not what they said it was.'
Jun 17 2022: Sucrose octaacetate matched for the Unidentified. The DrugsData lab does not normally identify and report sugars. This version of sucrose is a bittering agent used in commercial products to reduce accidental ingestion. This is a special case, please do not ask us to identify simple sugars and salts.