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Methoxetamine (MXE)
Sold as: pre-ban MXE
ID: 8455
Sold as: pre-ban MXE
Expected to be: MXE with filler
White powder in baggie.

Sender comments that 'my DanceSafe kit results (all 7 tests) were consistent with MXE, it is not water soluble the way my previous batch of MXE was [...] I have used it a few times and it does seem MXE-like.'
Setting aside the question of fillers (see below), there are clearly certain forms of the identical chemical that just won't dissolve in water, no matter what the pH or temperature is. Determining whether that is the case with this sample falls outside the technical methodology used by the DrugsData lab.
A reminder that DrugsData is not allowed to provide quantitative results for samples it analyzes, because our lab is constrained by rules set by the US DEA. Inert diluents and cuts can not be reported even if they might be present. This means 'purity' can't be confirmed, either.