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Heroin (Tan Powder)
Sold as: Heroin
ID: 8739
Test Date: Jul 21, 2020
Pub. Date: Jul 21, 2020
Src Location: Chicago, IL
Submitter Loc: Chicago, IL
United States
Color: Tan / Brown
Size: 50 mg
Data Source: DrugsData
Tested by: DDL
Lab's ID: 20070023
Sold as: Heroin
Expected to be: Not Heroin
Lab comments:
Isotonitazene / Protonitazene. The spectrum is not rich. Mass spectrum closest to protonitazene. Retention time matches Isotonitazene. [See Sep 3 note below for update]
Light brown powder in baggie.

Experience Note: 'weird - like smoking a blunt'

BTNX Fentanyl Test Strip (prior to sending in sample): Negative
Sep 3 2020: The reference standard was received and sample was retested; isotonitazene confirmed.

Jul 20 2020: A reference standard for protonitazene has been ordered; this sample will be re-analyzed once the lab receives it. Check back here for an update in a few weeks.