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Pink Rolls Royce
Sold as: MDMA
ID: 8836
Result Photo
Test Date: Aug 04, 2020
Pub. Date: Aug 04, 2020
Src Location: Online
Submitter Loc: Philadelphia, PA
United States
Color: Red / Pink
Size: 331 mg, 9.30 x 6.60 x 5.53
Data Source: DrugsData (EcstasyData)
Tested by: DDL
Lab's ID: 20070108
Sold as: MDMA
Expected to be: MDMA
Lab comments:
4-fluoro Pentedrone identified by library match.
Light red or pink rectangular Rolls Royce logo tablet. Easily crushed, broke during measurement.

(Submission form accompanying this sample indicated the tablet was acquired in August 2019 and supposedly contained 125 mg of MDMA.)
Aug 4 2020: A reference standard is available for 4-fluoro Pentedrone. To confirm its presence, this sample will be re-analyzed once a reference standard has been ordered and the lab receives it.