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Purple Microdot
Sold as: LSD
ID: 8889
Sold as: LSD
Expected to be: LSD
Lab comments:
Initially analyzed twice, with absolutely no LSD detected. Third analysis consumed rest of sample and found a strong LSD GC peak and verified LSD Mass Spectrum.
Small light purple speckled tablet, no markings.
Bottom photo illustrates Ehrlich reaction only. Lab said no reaction. The red colored spots in the tablet are likely the cause of the reddish color in the liquid of the Ehrlich reagent. LSD causes Ehrlich to turn a distinct blueish purple, not that color red.

Note that because the entire sample was consumed in the third analysis, no material was left to use a reagent on.
Aug 25 2020: Initially we reported this sample as having 'no drugs detected'. That means that no active substances were seen on the GC. It was not a matter of unidentified compounds, there was simply nothing to check with the Mass Spectrometer. Since the submitter had indicated this sample was clearly psychoactive, we speculated it could be a hot spot / cold spot issue: that the LSD was not evenly distributed in the pellet/microdot.

The lab used the rest of the pellet, dissolving the whole thing so that any non-homogenized material would reach the GC. On third analysis, the sample clearly contained LSD and no other drugs. The GC peak was strong and totally different from the previous two analyses.