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Herbal Pill
Sold as: 'Stool Cleaner'
ID: 8910
Sold as: 'Stool Cleaner'
Expected to be: Not Specified
Capsule of brown powder.
DrugsData is not a good choice for analyzing whole-plant products or extracts, or supplements that don't have named components. The main reason to use DrugsData to test an herbal product or supplement is if a sample is suspected of being adulterated. Our program is targeted at analyzing and detecting psychoactive drugs, pharmaceuticals, research chemicals, street drugs, their analogs, and the contaminants in those drugs.

If this sample contained a 'small molecule', the lab would likely have been able to identify the substance. In any case it would have been detected and would be listed above as an Unidentified substance.

If one or more large molecules (such as proteins or peptides) are present, the lab will probably not be able to identify the substance because their lab techniques cause large molecules to degrade. In many cases, the procedures used by the lab cause such large-molecule substances to not show up at all. Simple sugars, vitamins, metals, and minerals do not show up properly using the techniques used by our lab, either.