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Sold as: Dope
ID: 8978
Sold as: Dope
Expected to be: Fentanyl
Light brown powder in baggie.

Sample associated with a negative health outcome.

BTNX Fentanyl Test Strip (prior to sending in sample): Negative
Sep 7 2020: The results for this sample were updated to better report the 'parts' of fentanyl present. The original report had fentanyl, Flualprazolam, and cocaine each as 'trace' with diphenhydramine, and quinine each as '1'.

The updated results indicate that we think it is quite possible that the fentanyl and flualprazolam are active at the amounts present in the sample.

The cocaine is again marked as a trace component and does NOT appear to be sufficient to be active at the levels in this sample. The tiny amount indicates it could easily be from cross contamination and not a true component of the original drug mixture.

Cocaine's dose range is similar to that of diphenhydramine and it is present in this sample at less than 1/100th of the amount of diphenhydramine (and quinine).