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Yellow Powder
Sold as: Benzo / Not Specified
ID: 9257
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GC/MS Graph
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Sold as: Benzo / Not Specified
Expected to be: Benzo
Light yellow or off-white powder in baggie.
Jan 25 2023: 3-Methylnordiazepam certified reference standard became available; this identification is now confirmed.

Feb 17, 2021: This sample was initially noted as containing an unidentified chemical in addition to NMP at the time the result was published in Oct 2020. With help of an analytical chemistry expert, we have now identified the formerly unidentified substance by Library Match Only as 3-Methylnordazepam, a positional isomer of diazepam.

Dec 17 2020: Sample re-analyzed, confirmed as containing N-Methylphthalimide (NMP).

Oct 20 2020: NMP identified by library match. A reference standard is available for N-methylphthalimide and has been ordered, this sample will be re-analyzed once the lab receives it. Check back in 1-2 weeks for an update.