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Fake Xanax
Sold as: Alprazolam
ID: 9374
Result Photo Detail Photo Detail Photo
GC/MS Graph
Detail Photo
Sold as: Alprazolam
Expected to be: Fake/Pressed Alprazolam
Pulverized half-tablet (partial tablet accepted by prior approval). Originally tablet had a symbol ressembling an 'S' letter on it (possibly an S903?).

BTNX Fentanyl Test Strip (prior to sending in sample): Negative

BTNX Benzo Test Strip (prior to sending in sample): Positive
The DrugsData lab does not normally identify and report sugars. This version of sucrose is a bittering agent used in commercial products to reduce accidental ingestion. This is a special case, please do not ask us to identify simple sugars and salts.

GC/MS spectra for the sucrose octaacetate pictured, left.