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Sold as: Teva 54 / Buspirone
ID: 9385
Sold as: Teva 54 / Buspirone
Expected to be: Generic Xanax
Lab comments:
Larger of two similar partial tablets analyzed.
Partial round white tablet with '54' appearing on one side along with what looks like it could be the tip of a numeral or letter. Blank on the other side / no markings evident on the half that is pictured.
A whole tablet is required for a DrugsData analysis. Multiple tablets submitted together will not be analyzed unless each tablet is accompanied by its own submission form and copay.
Teva generic for Xanax doesn't look like this tablet, and white round Teva buspirone tablets have the word 'Teva' on the back. Roxane Laboratories makes a round white buprenorphine tablet that bears the imprint 54/411 and is blank on one side.