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Sold as: THC
ID: 9563
Test Date: Dec 10, 2020
Pub. Date: Dec 28, 2020
Src Location: Online, CA
Submitter Loc: Zurich, --
Color: Unknown
Size: -
Data Source:
Tested by: DIZ
Lab's ID: SP:202012-34
Sold as: THC
Expected to be: Not Specified
Liquid in amber vials. Analyzed by SaferParty's lab DIZ (Zurich, Switzerland) in Dec 2020.
[The lab that analyzed this sample accepts liquids; DrugsData's lab does not accept liquid submissions.]

Labs outside the United States such as the one that reported the findings for this sample are not constrained by the same rules that DrugsData's lab is.

In the United States, DrugsData isn't allowed to analyze for non-psychoactive constituents such as vitamin E acetate, cellulose, sugars, flavorants, etc.

There are now some very good cannabis analytical labs in California that work directly with the public. Most will analyze cartridges, oils, and waxes. We don't know whether any have adapted their testing procedures and services to accommodate the demand for vitamin E acetate-related testing.