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  • Fat Burner
  • Sold as: Ephedrine oxalate
  • ID: 9569
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GC/MS Graph
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Sample contains an unidentified chemical.
Sold as: Ephedrine oxalate
Expected to be: Fat burner
Lab comments:
Powder insoluble in solvents and cold water, pH = acidic. Small GC/MS baseline peak for ephedrine indicated, but is too small to be certain that ephedrine is present. It's possible ephedrine is present, and can't separate the ephedrine from oxalate. It's uncommon for ephedrine to be in oxalate form, so ephedrine may or may not be present.
Brown powder in baggie, sold as 'fat burner' for weight loss.
Please don't send this much material to DrugsData.

It's important that samples submitted to this testing program be no more than 200 mg of material (ideally 20 to 50 mg). Keep in mind that just enough to *half* fill a capsule is more than enough. There is no advantage to sending more material, and samples that are too heavy may be delayed or require additional payment.

See how to send in a sample for testing.
Unidentifed Substances
This sample contains an unidentified chemical. We do not have a matching substance in our lab's internal database and have not yet been able to confirm the chemicals' identity by using outside sources.

We need the help of outside expert analytical chemists and drug geeks to determine what substance matches the mass spectrum (MS) fingerprint. The lab's GC/MS output graphs can be viewed by clicking on the thumbnails on this page.

Please use our contact form and include the EcstasyData ID (9569) or this URL along with any communications.