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  • MDOH
  • Sold as: MDOH
  • ID: 9787
Sold as: MDOH
Expected to be: MDOH
Lab comments:
Library matches as N-Ethylbuphedrone, N-Ethyl-N-methylcathinone (structural isomers), *or* N-Hydroxy-MDA.
Off-white powder in baggie.

Submission form comment: 'Since 2012 it's has been vacuum sealed in plastic, and stored in a freezer, except for a year when it was stored (always vacuum sealed) at various temps up to about 100F. Color and appearance are unchanged. There are a few little slightly yellow chunks in the fine white powder included.'
Feb 8, 2021: Reference standards are available for N-Ethylbuphedrone, N-Ethyl-N-methylcathinone and N-Hydroxy-MDA and have been ordered, this sample will be re-analyzed once the lab receives them. Check back in 2-3 weeks for an update, as one of these standards will take a longer than normal to arrive.