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Off-White Powder
Sold as: MPT fumarate
ID: 9985
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Sold as: MPT fumarate
Expected to be: MPT fumarate
Off-white powder in plastic vial. Acquired September 2020.
Mar 17 2021: Submitter indicates they think this sample is MPT. We have spent a lot of time searching unsuccessfully for an MPT standard. According to Alexander Shulgin's Mass Spectrums that he gave us in 2005 for samples he had synthesized himself, MiPT and MPT look *very* similar via GC/MS. We are seeing only a single chemical in this sample and it matches the MiPT (N-Methyl-N-isopropyltryptamine) standard from CaymanChem. But without a proper MPT standard to compare to, all we can say is that we can't rule out that this might instead be MPT (N-Methyl-N-propyltryptamine), since the two are similar.

If a certified reference standard for MPT becomes available in the next year, we could order it and re-analyze this sample. (The lab *does* have a certified reference standard for MiPT.)

This is not a settled issue, check back for possible updates. If we update this finding it will be flagged as updated.
Check out the Mass Spectrums for MiPT and MPT from Sasha Shulgin. The major ions look nearly identical: 86, 44, 144, 216.

Mass Spectrum for MPT

Mass Spectrum for MIPT

After comparing those against each other, note how similar they are. Then look at the MS that's the actual output from this submitted sample:

Actual Mass Spectrum for the substance in submitted sample DD9985