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Sold as: 3-HO-PCP
ID: 9988
Sold as: 3-HO-PCP
Expected to be: 3-HO-PCP, potentially fentanyl/analogs
Lab comments:
3-hydroxy-PCP identified by library match, then later by comparison to standard.
Crystalline tan powder in plastic vial.

Sender comments: 'Tested positive for fentanyl with BTNX strips at concentrations of 10 mg/ml, 2 mg/ml, 1mg/ml, and 1 mg/5ml.'
Apr 2, 2021: A standard became available. Sample re-analyzed, 3-HO-PCP confirmed.

Mar 16 2021: A certified reference standard for 3-HO-PCP doesn't currently appear to be commercially available. If one becomes available in the next year, we could order it and re-analyze this sample to double-check the library match identification.